An innovative fascination, that the viewer can only notice close up, or through 90 degrees of movement (similar to a hologram) and of course depending on current lighting conditions, as the structure of the carbon (real carbon plate instead of paint canvas) appears from black areas. As for example by The Matador,

an adaptation or interpretation from old to a modern industrial look. CARBONLIFE goes back to the future.

An outstanding interior rarity.  It makes the ambience in your home, workroom, garage, barn, company office, store, coffee shop, pub or restaurant, gorgeously, valuable and sunny.

Think about it as well as a great Gift for Mens.




Type:  Custom Designed, Fine-Art Prints and Scratchproof

Printing:  Ultraviolet (UV) plate printing

Protection:  The whole surface is coated with 2K PU (two-component polyurethane) UV sunlight resistant lacquer.  It hasn't  more smell after drying, like a piece of premium furniture (I'm testing the italian Renner lacquer in my office as wood floor coating and it's really strong)

Framing:  Custom mounted in a high-quality  Nielsen Design german aluminium frame or CARBONLIFE Design carbon frame 

Execution:  Excellent quality and dedicated craftmanship,  with the highest precision for this kind of Artwork

Ready to hang:  No assembly required and the quality, safety mounting hooks are attached

Packaging:  In a special and very stable cardboard box with corner protection and bubble wrap for the framed Artworks

Touch:  CARBONLIFE logo with laser engraving

Limited Edition of 50 prints:  The original prints are signed and numbered


Material:  German high-tech real carbon plate - Dibond aluminum 5 mm sandwich construction


Condition:  Brand new, no signs of any injury


Shelf life:  It's principle unlimited